Tuesday, 29 July 2014




Barren Landscape,

A harsh Breeze,

Sunless Sky,

Pray for me.

Nobody left,

No calling Birds,

The world departed,

Where is God?

Your taunts arise,

Deaf ears they fall,

What is left?,

Is this truly all.

Move one step,

Take two back,

Raw throat,

A Broken Heart.

Who will cry,

O cry for me,

Landscape broken,

Set me free.

Freedom Given,

The price you pay,

No turning back,

Not today.

What to do?

What to say?

One more chance,

Todays the day.

Rest your head,

The sun will shine,

Upon your face,

You are divine.

Goodbye to you,

You’re sadly missed,

I will cry,

I grant your wish.

A wish bestowed,

The day you died,

O young man,

Here comes the tide.

Don’t you worry,

I’ll always be there,

Hands in hands,

I’ll treat them fair.

I’ll watch upon,

The ones you love,

Don’t you worry,

Fly white dove.

Sore high,

Among the clouds,

But don’t forget,

To come back down.

Give guidance,

A ray of light,

A small gesture,

A touch so light.

Always cherished,

Always there,

Our love for you will never falter,

this I swear.

By Aoife Marie Sheridan

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