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New Authors - help has just arrived

Elizabethhawk publishing
To all new authors, starting out can be frustrating,  we are unsure of what to do. Sometimes we feel we are alone in a dark room, with no-one to guide us or help, well here is your candle, your light, your guidance, your community.
Elizabeth Hawk Publishing isn't just a publishing company, it's a community. 
Elizabeth Hawk Publishing was created to provide a sense of community for fiction authors. We also want readers to know our work is professional and credible. Our group shares resources, advice, and ideas. We provide mutual help with beta reading, editing, formatting, cover art, and marketing so our readers get the best final product possible.
So, if you’re a fiction author (or have a story to write) that is struggling through this intimidating world of agents, publishers, and misinformation, check us out! We’ll help you self-publish with the use of our imprint. This will allow you to keep all of your book sale profits to yourself.
Now, you may be wondering what is an imprint and why is it important to an indie author? 
  • An imprint is a publishing name to publish your own work under. (Think: Sourcebooks, Penguin, Random House)
  • An imprint lends a polished and professional look to your book.
  • An imprint lets readers know your work is credible.
  • An imprint is a brand. People will grow to recognize it when they see it. We have great books and authors, readers see our brand positively.
  • If you are part of a group that all uses the same imprint (as opposed to being the sole user of a name or using your own name), readers will feel more confident in spending their hard earned money.
What’s in it for you?
  • You will receive access to our private blog. On this blog, we share information, resources, and advice. Need a list of editors? Check out the list. See what people have to say about who they’ve used in the past. Cover designer? It’s there too. If you need a beta reader, just list it.
  • Have a question? Ask it. We have been through this process and can help answer questions you may have.
  • You will also have access to EHP’s graphics for use on your website, books, etc.
  • You will appear on our website and facebook page. We encourage all of our authors to promote you on their pages as well.
  • You’ll have a fantastic final product.
  • Most importantly, you’ll get to brand your book with our name. Your paperback will have our logo on it’s spine. When people look up your ebook on Amazon, they will see Elizabeth Hawk Publishing as the publisher. That’s huge!
EHP charges a reasonable set-up fee for your first title. There is a small charge for each additional title that you would like to use Elizabeth Hawk Publishing’s name on. That’s it. You proceed like a self-published author, but with our help along the way. You keep all the cash from your book sells for yourself! Our service is an investment that will benefit you and your books.
We want you to succeed and can offer you the power of an imprint and the support of a community.
Visit us at

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Spotlight of White Rose: The Seal of Oblivion (Book #1

Book Synopsis:
“Look at you, coming in here all demanding. As if. You’re just some prissy bourgeois-y rich girl cry baby. Doesn’t even want to be the hero, but ironically wants the hero relic. What are you going to do, pretend in your house for a while and then when the real fight comes, cower?”Thirteen-year-old Laqiya wants to be normal, but that’s a hard feat when she can control the forces of nature. It become even harder when she finds out from her old babysitter, Nightshield, a part feline woman who literally has nine lives, that she is the reincarnation of a woman who locked a power hungry tyrant in oblivion and created the seal of oblivion to make sure he stayed there. Now the seal is breaking and if Laqiya wants to be normal, she has to deal with the baggage her past self left behind, starting with find the pieces to a staff that used to belong to her past incarnation before one of The Tyrant’s dark mistresses, Lady Sahajah, finds them first and uses them to destroy the seal of the oblivion.
Laqiya would actually be content to simply ignore Lady Sahajah and her so-called destiny. But Laqiya quickly finds out that the dark mistress won’t let her because the Tyrant is afraid of her. While he can try to take over the world with his dark powers, Laqiya can stop him by turning the forces of nature against him. That is if Laqiya could figure out how to actually use her powers.
And going head to head with the Tyrant’s dark mistress Lady Sahajah is not like the anime she likes to watch on the internet. Instinct does not always lead her in the right direction. Good is not in everyone. And Lady Sahajah doesn’t plan on wasting time lecturing Laqiya on her brilliant plan before she kills her so that Laqiya can figure out a way to defeat her.
Laqiya has no choice but to try to stop Lady Sahajah. More than that, Laqiya has to try to invoke the alter identity of her previous incarnation. She has to be The White Rose… Then, maybe after all that, she can at least pretend to be normal again.
Where you can purchase this book: Amazon 
About the Author:
A 22 year old college student whose been writing novels since she was ten, Holly Dae writes YA fantasy and paranormal novels featuring a diverse cast of characters, usually featuring an African-American female protagonist. When she's not writing or doing homework, she's gardening, cooking, obsessing over Teen Wolf and trying her best not to spend her gas allowance on new books.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Review of Aoife and Demon

Review of Aoife and Demon
Rating: 5 stars
(3rd Review for June)

Wow I haven’t fallen in love with a book like this in a long time. I actually can’t wait to read it again and savour the humour, romance and world building. If I could give it ten stars I would. JUST AMAZING.

Characters: Aoife well we share the same name, so great choice LOL J But that’s as far as the similarities go unfortunately. Aoife had me holding my sides, she was witty, sarcastic and feisty everything I love in a main character. She captivated me. I felt myself sink, turning the last page. I didn’t want to leave her, demon or Azure for that matter. So Book Two better be ready soon. I am so the first in the cue.

Okay Demon: Hmmm demon, demon, demon, he was HOT. Ahh I was drooling he was that hot and was such a cruel smart arse, BUT I LOVED HIM he was such a man, ahhh more drool. Okay back to my review gotta stop day dreaming about demon but basically is what I am trying to say is I LOVED HIM>

Azure what a pet, yes he is blue but he was so good to Aoife, and loyal to Demon. He seemed to be there every time Aoife needed him and he was very handy with his shape shifting abilities.

The world building was beautiful. I could picture the small villages to the creatures that lived there.

Can’t wait for book 2. I only have one moment that’s annoying me, was it wise for Aoife to tell demon about how Shehrzad really died? 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Spotlight and Interview with Author Roxanna Rose


What if your entire race were created by the ancient Celtic God, Dagda to please his beloved daughter, Brighid, who gifted your maternal bloodline with a spark of her soul? Now you’re given the task of living in the mortal realm to bring the gift of the Arts to the mortals she loves; while being relentlessly hunted by the Goddess of the Killing Rage to satisfy a deadly desire for Otherworldly vengeance.

Just before Eléan’s seventeenth birthday, the Goddess of Lust & Rage, along with the Immortal she created, destroyed her sheltered life. Now, an object of possession by mortals and immortals alike; Eléan must learn to control her legacy and, with the two warriors that love her, save the Goddess Brighid by protecting the small flame of Immortal soul that lives within her.

Liam and James have been friends…brothers…since they were children. Now the Otherworld has been released into the Mortal Realm leaving a bloody path of terror in its desire for vengeance. It’s coming for Eléan, a woman they both love and would die to protect. Will the Otherworld destroy their bond…or will their love for Eléan give them the strength to fight what’s coming?

Forced into the service of the Goddess Morrigan and made immortal, Greagoir must be the vessel for the Goddess’ uncontrollable lust and killing rage. Eléan is the key. After all these centuries, all that stands in his way are two mortal warriors gifted by a goddess and a young woman’s desire to survive.

Where can I purchase this book?

About the Author:
author photo-purple-417517 (2) (120x150)
Roxanna Rose is a California native with a deep connection to her Ulster Heritage. Fascinated by Myths and Legends from cultures around the world, she enjoys creating YA & Fantasy novels steeped in their mysteries. “Desires: A Legacy Novel” is the first in a series based on Celtic Myth & Legend. “Malevolence: A Legacy Novel” will be released later this year along with “She Who Watches,” an Urban Fantasy novel based on the Native American legend. Roxanna divides most of her time between her writing and her career as a Veterinary Technician and Wildlife Rehabilitator.

Interview with Roxanna Rose:

Question: What have you published recently?
“Desires (A Legacy Novel)”, the first book in the Legacy Novel series, is available now in hardcover, soft cover, and eBook.  “Malevolence (A Legacy Novel)” will be out later this year. I am also working on another urban fantasy, “She Who Watches” that is based on a Native American legend. It should be out later this year, as well.
Question: How, and when, did you decide to become a writer?
When I was in college, my English teacher (who was actually the Psychology professor) asked us to write five pages in the format of a romance novel. I had been reading romance novels for quite a while and just knew I would get an “A” as I jumped eagerly into the project. When it was graded, he returned it with a note saying “No man could make love all night after being shot in the shoulder.” Well…obviously the man had never picked up romance novel in his life. He must have been inaccurately projecting his inadequate manly prowess onto my buff and totally hot character (who was only winged by the bullet). I received a “C” on the paper, but I was hooked on writing. I still have the paper.
After that, I began entering every writing contest I came across and read mountains of books on becoming a writer. During a genealogy search I came across a thread called “Clancy’s Pub.” It was a site for those with Irish ancestors, but (true to our Irish blood) there were a number of talented writers in the group. We began writing spontaneous stories on the threads, which really expanded my writing abilities. Now that I have a book in print, I do not intend to ever stop writing.
Question: Where can we find your published writing?
It is currently available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s Books, Sears, Abbott Press Bookstore, and a number of book markets.
Question: What is a typical day like for you as a writer?
I wake up early to check emails and social media sites while I have my coffee. Next, I usually work on marketing, etc. in the mornings since I am on the west coast and my publisher is on the east coast. I do most of my actually writing in the late afternoon and evening until I go to bed.  Unless, of course, if it’s raining. My imagination seems to work overtime when the weather is stormy and I will usually put on a pot of tea and write all day.
Question: What are your favorite characters that you have created? Tell us about them
In “Desires” I would have to say James is my favorite. He is a gorgeous, totally hot guy that is so in love with Eléan that other women don’t really register with him. Who couldn’t see themselves living “happily ever after” with someone like him?
Question: do you find you “mentally edit” other writers’ works as you read them? Does doing this help you or bother you?
When I read, it is for the joy of reading the story. I let my imagination take me into the book so that I can feel the emotions that the author is trying to convey. I can’t do that if I am looking for flaws. I think the only time I ever had a problem with “errors” in a book had nothing to do with the author. I was reading one of Richelle Mead’s books. It was just getting to a really good part when “bam,” my book was missing 20 pages. I ended up driving almost 40 miles to get to a bookstore for a copy that had all the pages. What can I say…she’s one of my favorite authors.
Question: What music do you listen to, while writing?
I listen to an eclectic mix of music. My imagination mixed with music is like throwing gas on a flame. I can hear something that will send my imagination into creative overdrive. I will play that song over and over while I am writing a particular scene to keep my emotions in a certain range. Of course, it often has that “Pavlov’s dog” effect and I can be somewhere public, hear a song and get battle ready or burst into tears. Yeah, I guess every job has it occupational hazards.
Question: What do you eat while writing?
I tend to drink a lot of herbal tea when I write. In fact, I always have a pot on a warmer next to my computer. If I am having intense brain-taxing days I might snack on Gluten-free pretzels or baby carrots; any worse than that and I go straight for the chocolate.

Five for Fun:
What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? 
Starbuck’s Sugar-free Cinnamon Dolce Lattes. I love them!
What is your favourite cartoon character?
What is your favourite movie of all time?
I love the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.
What do you like to do for fun or just to relax?
I read…a lot!  I always have a book with me.  I can lose a whole day in book if I am not careful.
Question: Where can we find you on the web?
I have a website at:

Book Trailer:

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Spotlight - Donna Hawk - Book Tour


Where Darkness Walks (Mortgatha Trilogy Book 1) By Donna Hawk

Clarie’s world is about to change for the darker. Rand broke up with her at the prom, she uncovers a secret in the hidden back of an armoire, and she meets Patrick, who is determined to help her forget her broken heart.
As Clarie evades classmate Bulldog’s stalking, she and Patrick explore the dark halls of an abandoned cement plant. After following Clarie and Patrick deep inside the cement plant, Bulldog confronts Clarie as he fights with Patrick. When she is accidentally pushed against a set of dark doors into the shadow realm of Mortgatha, everything she fears is set into motion to keep her away from her beloved Earth world.
Even with Patrick’s help, the doorway home moves randomly, evil characters beset them at every turn, and the way home seems farther away than ever.

Where you can purchase this book?

About the Author

I have been a teacher in Kansas for 33 years. I enjoy writing, riding my bicycle, and spending time with my husband. I am an avid photographer and Photoshop user. Currently, I am working on a dark trilogy for young adults, the first of which I am hoping will be completed by the end of the summer 2013.
If you have any questions for me, you can email me at:

 Review of Where Darkness Walks by Jayde:

rating: 4 Stars

Where Darkness Walks By Donna Hawk is a good enjoyable read. although its usually the kind of book i would usually read i found myself engrossed in the pages and world created by Donna Hawk. I found the characters likable and the writing was great and i know that i would be happy to read anything by Donna Hawk again and await the next installment in the Mortgatha Trilogy. Great Read and highly recommended to anyone who likes something a little different.

If you would like to win a free e-book of Where Darkness walks just leave a comment at the end of the page and one lucky winner will be selected. Best of Luck. x :)

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Review of Witch-Hunt

Witch Hunt
5 stars
(2nd Review for June)

When I first started reading the book it felt like harry potter, a story written for a younger person, but I was given this book by the author for an honest review so I kept reading.
Wow. What a story, I cried so many times, not just a few tears, at one stage I had to stop reading because it became too much for me. The loss of a loved one in the book was so real and raw; that it felt as if the authors own experiences had been pasted in this book. It tore at me so much. Lauren was a woman cursed in a sense since birth, hardworking, loyal, and loving and what she was subjected to and suffered was heart wrenching, and her vengeance was understandable it was as powerful as her love.

The story is told mostly through the eyes of Sabrina a healer growing up in a world where witch craft is forbidden by the Order of Lauren. Sabrina is kind and shy, simple in ways living a protected life, with no knowledge of who she is. Until she discovers she is a relative of Lauren a women who is remembered incorrectly as being evil. As the story develops we see Sabrina conquer her fears, and she grows so much it’s like watching her transform into another person.  The story is fast paced and doesn’t slow down at all, the lands that the author creates are haunting at times, yet so breath-taking like the forest  or the city of Sha’ La’ Shang. The plot is thick with deceit, murder and greed.
The love story between Sabrina and Micah is there through the whole book, but it doesn’t over power the story at all, it alters the future for Sabrina, but I can’t wait to read the second book to see where they end up, and find out what exactly Sabrina will do now that her powers have fully ignited.

A wonderful story, one that I would highly recommend, I applaud the author for a tale that made me cry, squirm with unease, and made my heart pound with anticipation.

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Review of A Vampire's Saving Embrace

Review of A Vampire’s Saving Embrace
Rating (4 stars)
1st review for June 
I was given this book by the author for an honest review.

When I first picked up this book I thought it would be a romance, but was very surprised to find a lot more went with It. This book reminds me of a mills and boon’s with a bit of action and adventure thrown in. The love story does take the front line and is very strong, at times piping hot.

Abby: Abby is the main character and at the start of the story she is strong, feisty and a likeable character. After been attacked by a demon, she is saved by a vampire called Desmond. He takes her to his home to protect her, and it all kicks off from there. Abby is attracted to Desmond straight away and also is enlightened about whom she really is, and also that so much more exists like vampires, werewolves, fey and witches. There is a lot of tug and war between Desmond and her but it just adds to the passion between them. The only thing I hated was she had two catch phrases that I felt like screaming every time I heard them, one was “Holly Hell” and the other was “Cripes”. If I hear does words again I will strangle her.
Desmond: Desmond is a man, a real man, a monster to the world, but a gentleman to Abby. He’s jealous, possessive doesn’t understand any emotions except anger and hate. So it’s cool to see him struggle with his new found emotions around Abby. He had a habit from the start of calling her “pet” which I also hated. But other than that he was yummy. J

Plot: at the start I was so confused thinking why did he rescue a stranger? Why was she living in his house? And why were werewolves and other vampires helping to protect her. Then it all made sense and I could hear myself saying “Ahhhhh, that’s why” and I fell into the story seeing there was a purpose of why her. As far as action goes (that is outside the bedroom) it comes near the end of the book in one full swoosh, but this didn’t bother me, like I said I really thought it was just a romance so it was a pleasant surprise.

Overall a very enjoyable read and one I would recommend for lovers of vampire romance. 

Spotlight - Author W.H.Cann

Synopsis Book 1. Path to Vengeance
When his brother, father and fiancée are killed by Krelathan raiders, Grogaan’s life is ripped apart, causing grief, anger and rage. He vows his revenge and sets about on his ‘path to vengeance’ by purchasing and upgrading four starfighters for him and his friends.
As a result of his intense emotional trauma brought on by his losses, he experiences troubling and disturbing dreams, leading to bouts of severe depression.
Feeling guilty over the loss of his loved ones, especially his fiancée, Grogaan avoids romantic involvement until Joeen, his brother’s former fiancée re-enters his life, causing him more emotional turmoil. This is further compounded by an unexpected encounter with Ellarna, a Senator's daughter, who he is besotted with.
A chance meeting with members of a long forgotten sect, ‘The Brotherhood of the Teragon Eagle’, on a nearby planet, together with information revealed to him by his mother, prove Grogaan’s unique abilities are due to his family heritage; an ancestor having been a respected wizard and a member of the Guardian Order.
Grogaan and his friends prove their piloting skills and spearhead the counter offensive against the Krelathan raiders. However, it’s his abilities enhanced by his gift of magic that take him and his friends on a path that impacts on the future of the galaxy as foretold by a two hundred year old prophecy; a path he begins to tread while developing a powerful relationship with one of the two women.

Where can I purchase this book?
E-Book Version
Synopsis Book 2. Sorcerer’s Duel
Having survived the Battle of Mabraant and with no system in the quadrant safe to settle on, Grogaan leads his friends on a new adventure deep into the heart of the neighbouring Ladorran Quadrant.
After being reunited with his soul-mate, Grogaan and Ellarna meet the famous Guardian Master Sorann Taggash. The Master confirms Grogaan’s adeptness in magic, and although Grogaan already knew Ellarna was also adept in magic, she was surprised when Sorann reveals the fact to her.
Grogaan and Ellarna under the supervision of Sorann, embark on a training programme to become Guardians. Grogaan’s skills develop swiftly but his emotional control due to past trauma and depression hinder his development. They take a short break to undertake a dangerous mission back to Mabraant, where Grogaan and Kopaz Squadron tempt fate to the limits, and deal another painful strike to the Empire.
During a visit to a neighbouring planet, Grogaan discovers a long forgotten underground installation that contains a sinister secret. It is this discovery, together with Grogaan’s powerful emotions, that sets off a chain reaction that has sinister, dire and tragic consequences. This impacts not only on the lives of Grogaan and many other individuals, but also on their progressing relationships, culminating in a spectacular duel between two powerful sorcerers.

Where can I purchase this book?
E-Book Version
Synopsis Book 3. A Guardian Reborn
Having survived his duel with Empress Hefrask, Grogaan now fights for his life, which hangs by a thread. To prevent him from being discovered by Imperial forces, Ellarna hides him the cave where their ships are parked, and protects them by magic. 
While in hiding, Ellarna discovers new gifts in the art of magic, ones greater than are currently known of by Guardian Master Taggash, and revealed to her by some strange creatures indigenous to Cassendra. When Grogaan finally awakes, he breaks some devastating news to his fiancée; he has lost both his memory and his gift in magic.
While on the road to recovery, he meets a mysterious stranger in an underground cavern, who has a profound impact on his life, but can Grogaan recover physically and mentally, and regain his memory and magical powers before the Hebradon Empire returns to the Ladorran Quadrant to continue their conquest.

Where can I purchase this book?
E-Book Version
About the Author:
My passion for reading started from a very young age, but my interest in fantasy and science fiction started when I was a ten and my father gave me some Conan books by Robert E. Howard and the series Thongor of Lemuria by Lin Carter, and of course the arrival of Star Wars. I have loved reading ever since. Fantasy is still my favourite genre followed closely by science fiction, but my tastes include adventure, military history both fiction and non-fiction (pre 1850′s), plus a variety of others.
My foray into writing did not begin until after I suffered a back injury in 1998, and decided to have a go at writing a story to pass the time away, needless to say I became hooked and the story turned into full length novels. I continued writing when I returned to work, spending a little time each evening. I took a few years break while I immersed myself in genealogy, but finally picked up the pen (and returned to the PC) and resumed my writing in spring 2011.
I am married with two children, both having now left home, my daughter with a family of her own living in Pembrokeshire, my son living and working in Cardiff. I also have two beautiful grandchildren. I was born in Cardiff have served in the RAF as an aircraft engineer am now employed as a finance officer in local government. I now live in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.
My favourite activities are walking, reading, researching family history, watching classic British Sitcoms, good dramas, and films, and listening to music. When it comes to music, books and DVD’s, you can never have too many!
Where can we find you?

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Review of The Eternity Cure

The Eternity Cure
(6th Review for May)
Star rating: 3 stars

I must say I loved the first book and had high expectations for the eternity cure but it didn’t quite reach the bar.
The plot was strong and very interesting I couldn’t fault it in anyway, and it thickened throughout the book.

But in saying that I just HATED that no-one died. We have people on their death beds several times and yet they survive. “Remarkable”. By the end I get my wish “about time someone died” Hmm no wrong again. Sigh.
I didn’t like the love story. It was bland or maybe I didn’t like Zeke he was so soft and girly, not a masculine bone in his body, he ran after Allie, like a little lap dog, I ended up skipping  all their “moments”.

Allison:  to be honest I preferred her as a human, she had more of a fight in her. As a vampire it seems that it didn’t just change her physically but it changed her personality too, I know that would be expected considering her transition, but it left me feeling unsure about her it was like a new character that wasn’t developed much. The only time I could see the true Allison was when Jackal was around, he just rubbed her up the wrong way. J

Jackal: O god did I love him, Jackal the King of raiders. What a character.  I would read a book entirely based on him. He was just so cool, every time he was in the book I would just get lost with him. His sense of humour, dry sarcasm was priceless. He was so disloyal an untrustworthy but he made me smile. JUST LOVED LOVED HIM.
Sarren: O Sarren, Sarren, Sarren, why won’t you just die already?. Every time  Sarren is caught  he escape,s he just won’t die and always gets away. “JUST DON’T CAPUTRE HIM” really it would make the story good, we will just hunt him and when we get him, and then we can unleash hell, not a few rounds of a sheep fighting off the wolf. So god-damn frustrating. What I did like about Sarren was his gift at torturing Kanin, it was cruel, vicious yet interesting.

Any way in saying all that I will still get the third book, but only for you Jackal. J

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Spotlight for The Deceiver by Jessica Keefe

The Deceiver
Emotions make things complicated, but swallowing a pill is easy. Being numb, dulling the extremes, programming you to be the perfect citizen; that is what the Triad Of Colors is for. We make things easy for you. We do the work for you. We think for you. We are the Officials.
Here's some water: swallow fast.
Jessica Keefe
Where you can find her: